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Our Guarantee To You

These expert technicians have over a decade of combined experience in lice removal and have worked in a wide array of lice businesses, from salons to clinics to research and removal.  They have all successfully treated thousands of Broward, Miami and Palm Beach families affected by head lice. So, you not only get the same level of experience at a reasonable rate, but all work is 100%  guaranteed. After all, their reputation and your satisfaction depend on it.  


  • You are guaranteed to be bug free directly after lice treatment
  • Children are guaranteed back to school same day and you will be provided with a clearance certificate to take to the school nurse upon their return
  • If a bug is found on head within a week of treatment or if your child is sent back home from school the day after initial treatment, your technician will come back and retreat for free
  • If you have a heavy infestation and a retreat is mandatory, your guarantee week begins on the day that they perform your retreat; the guarantee is only inclusive if a member of our directory performs the retreat
  • The only requirements for this guarantee is to have everyone checked in your household and treated by your technician if Pediculosis is found, a sample will be required so please always save what you think may be head lice related; you can text or email us a picture of your findings**


** there are times that it is very hard to identify head lice due to their small size, esp if you are not used to seeing it on a daily basis as we are ( a louse is the size of a small sesame seed and the eggs are even smaller! ); so they can be easily confused with lint, sand, debris etc. …. because of this, if no proof of bug is saved and no evidence of lice is found after technician has been called back out to your home, the retreat fee will be applied as well as any travel fees, if applicable. Please save anything you might think to be lice related, taped flat on a white sheet of paper, so we can better assist you in identification.



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