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       Mom’s Best Friend Lice Removal Directory was created as an alternative to the high cost of in home head lice treatment in South Florida. In an already stressful situation, we wanted to alleviate the additional financial stress for families in need of a lice removal service. 

       While the average head lice removal company in Broward and Miami charges by the hour or by using a fee range, the locally owned and operated Lice Removal Services that are members of our free directory, have very simple and direct pricing and never add on hidden costs, like after hour, holiday or weekend fees.  

     When using Moms Best Friend Lice Removal Directory, you will always know the cost before your technicians arrive!  We are a mom’s and teacher’s best kept secret …


Provider Price Guide:
Flat Fee Treatment Rates

  • Male Head lice Treatment        – $75
  • Female Head Lice Treatment    – $85
  • Screenings – Free for immediate family members when a member of household is receiving treatment, $5 head lice checks available for anyone visiting/extended family/friends/etc
  • Minimum Cost for home visit if no lice found during screening process – $60
  • Travel Fee – $10-20 North Miami and South Palm Beach areas, $30-40 South Miami and North Palm Beach areas.  No travel fees for Broward County
  • ** Retreatments – $40 


                  ** A 7-10 day retreat is only recommended in rare cases of heavy infestations. For average cases of head lice, your technician will give you easy step by step instructions to do a recheck yourself and be available by phone at no cost to you.


So how does the Directory work?

We get you directly in touch with small local and family owned lice removal services in your area.  Often times, these smaller lice removal companies have been in business for years yet are less known because they don’t have the resources of a large franchise.

Why choose a local family owned lice removal service vs a franchise?

Franchises often have heavy turnover rates so you take the chance of having a brand new technician who is still in the training process sent out to you. They also tend to be quite expensive. The smaller local family owned and operated lice removal services are able to pass on huge savings directly to their clients, while maintaining a higher level of personalized customer service and standards.

Why choose our recommended lice removal specialists?

Our lice removal providers have to meet certain stringent criteria in order to be represented by this free directory. They all have to utilize only all natural essential oils combined with manual removal of all nits. They not only have to agree to very competitive rates but they will never try to sell you unnecessary products. The owners all work side by side with their technicians and all have over a decade of combined experience successfully treating thousands of South Florida families. All combined, they have over 150 online 5-Star Reviews! With a 100% success rate, they proudly stand by their work with a full satisfaction guarantee.

This Directory was originally created by a Registered Nurse in Broward County with over 40 years of experience in the nursing field, with the intent of matching up local businesses in your community with moms in need of help.

All of the members of Moms Best Friend Lice Removal Directory accept flexible healthcare spending account credit cards for payment as most flex accounts do cover lice removal service.  They can also provide you with insurance claim forms and diagnostic code that can be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement.  Eligibility for reimbursement is solely up to your healthcare provider. They also accept all major credit cards or cash but are unable to process personal checks. All fees are due at time of service and are directly paid to the technician as this directory is a free service for moms and does not transact any business itself.


 To view a sample listing of current lice removal service pricing here in the Broward, Miami, Palm Beach and South Florida regions or to compare prices for yourself, please click on the provided link below:


Head Lice Treatment

What to expect: Your privacy is of utmost importance. Once you are matched with a local service provider, their technicians will not display any names or logos on their vehicles or shirts. Upon arrival, your lice removal specialist will go over the minimal number of things you will need to do to treat your home, while they begin a 3 step process to remove head lice from anyone infected in the comfort of your own home.


They will use only all natural treatment products (no pesticides or toxins) and a specialized treatment comb for the first 2 steps.  A new comb will be used for each person getting checked initially and evidence of head lice will be shown to the client prior to treatment as well as being shown how to identify lice yourself. If returning to school same or next day, the final step will be utilizing magnifiers w/lights and a special tweezer to go strand by strand on dry hair directly after treatment.*** All other cases will have a third comb out with both products used in steps one and two.


Lastly, your technician will review preventative measures that your family can take in order to cut down your chances of getting infected again in the future. They will leave you not only educated about head lice, but also lice free within hours of their arrival, guaranteed, as well as staying in contact with you for the following week after your treatment. 

Screenings take approximately 15 minutes per person.  Treatments will take approximately an hour and a half per person.  Each case is different though and depending on the severity of the infestation, it may be longer.  Regardless of the time it takes, your satisfaction is guaranteed and there is no added cost.

*** If you are a student returning to school and having a dry check directly after your treatment, you will need to wash the treatment out of the hair and then dry completely with a blow dryer in order for technician to do final check.  This will be the responsibility of the client.  Please be advised, the technicians do not carry dryers with them and  do not offer shampoo or blow out services. During this timeframe, your technician will continue free screenings for additional family members, if applicable, as well as cleaning the work area that you assigned to them so they can ensure that it looks exactly the same as when they arrived.





Our Guarantee To You

These expert technicians have over a decade of combined experience in lice removal and have worked in a wide array of lice businesses, from salons to clinics to research and removal.  They have all successfully treated thousands of Broward, Miami and Palm Beach families affected by head lice. So, you not only get the same level of experience at a reasonable rate, but all work is 100%  guaranteed. After all, their reputation and your satisfaction depend on it.  


  • You are guaranteed to be bug free directly after lice treatment
  • Children are guaranteed back to school same day and you will be provided with a clearance certificate to take to the school nurse upon their return
  • If a bug is found on head within a week of treatment or if your child is sent back home from school the day after initial treatment, your technician will come back and retreat for free
  • If you have a heavy infestation and a retreat is mandatory, your guarantee week begins on the day that they perform your retreat; the guarantee is only inclusive if a member of our directory performs the retreat
  • The only requirements for this guarantee is to have everyone checked in your household and treated by your technician if Pediculosis is found, a sample will be required so please always save what you think may be head lice related; you can text or email us a picture of your findings**


** there are times that it is very hard to identify head lice due to their small size, esp if you are not used to seeing it on a daily basis as we are ( a louse is the size of a small sesame seed and the eggs are even smaller! ); so they can be easily confused with lint, sand, debris etc. …. because of this, if no proof of bug is saved and no evidence of lice is found after technician has been called back out to your home, the retreat fee will be applied as well as any travel fees, if applicable. Please save anything you might think to be lice related, taped flat on a white sheet of paper, so we can better assist you in identification.



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