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What to Expect

Head Lice Treatment

What to expect: Your privacy is of utmost importance. Once you are matched with a local service provider, their technicians will not display any names or logos on their vehicles or shirts. Upon arrival, your lice removal specialist will go over the minimal number of things you will need to do to treat your home, while they begin a 3 step process to remove head lice from anyone infected in the comfort of your own home.


They will use only all natural treatment products (no pesticides or toxins) and a specialized treatment comb for the first 2 steps.  A new comb will be used for each person getting checked initially and evidence of head lice will be shown to the client prior to treatment as well as being shown how to identify lice yourself. If returning to school same or next day, the final step will be utilizing magnifiers w/lights and a special tweezer to go strand by strand on dry hair directly after treatment.*** All other cases will have a third comb out with both products used in steps one and two.


Lastly, your technician will review preventative measures that your family can take in order to cut down your chances of getting infected again in the future. They will leave you not only educated about head lice, but also lice free within hours of their arrival, guaranteed, as well as staying in contact with you for the following week after your treatment. 

Screenings take approximately 15 minutes per person.  Treatments will take approximately an hour and a half per person.  Each case is different though and depending on the severity of the infestation, it may be longer.  Regardless of the time it takes, your satisfaction is guaranteed and there is no added cost.

*** If you are a student returning to school and having a dry check directly after your treatment, you will need to wash the treatment out of the hair and then dry completely with a blow dryer in order for technician to do final check.  This will be the responsibility of the client.  Please be advised, the technicians do not carry dryers with them and  do not offer shampoo or blow out services. During this timeframe, your technician will continue free screenings for additional family members, if applicable, as well as cleaning the work area that you assigned to them so they can ensure that it looks exactly the same as when they arrived.





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